Lubrication Equipment

The Lincoln Airless Spray System
The only system of its kind on the market, the Lincoln Airless Spray system dispenses the heaviest greases in tough open gear applications for mines, steel mills, concrete plants and other heavy industries. Sprays a wide pattern consistently – 24 inches and more! High pressure and focuses spray pattern ensure all surfaces are penetrated for maximum protection on large open gears.Solutions, Volume 4, Number 1
The HTL 429 Hydraulic Tool Lubricator
Designed especially to lubricate hydraulic hammers used in construction and demolition, the HTL 429 mounts directly on the hammer. Ideal for rental companies that lease hammers and construction profressionals that want to swap their hammers between more than one excavator or other carrier machine. Uses standard 14.5 ounce grease cartridges. Because the HTL 429 operates every time the hammer is engaged into the work surface, you don’t have to stop work to manually lubricate the tool with a grease gun.Solutions Volume 5, Number 2
DC Electric FlowMasters® Pumps
The pump line that’s changing lubrication systems around the word is going electric. Now you can specify a 24VDC powered pump for applications in construction, mining, and industry. The same Rotary Technology used in the hydraulic FlowMaster models now available with a brushless DC motor. Variable speed means a wide range of outputs.Solutions Volume 5, Number 2
New Hydraulic FlowMaster Models
Lincoln is now offering four new models of a proven performer — the hydraulic FlowMaster lubrication pump. Choose models with manual override valve for checking system operation, chrome-plated componenets for the most severe conditions, models for low temperature applications down to -60 degrees, and 120 lb. reservoir models for extended maintenance intervals.Solutions Volume 4, Number 1
New 90-lb. Reservoir
Lincoln now offers a 90-pound Heavy-duty Reservoir, a larger version of its 60-pound reservoir, which is ideal when longer maintenance intervals on machinery are possible. This reservoir is designed for grease lube systems on mobile mining and construction equipment.Solutions Vol. 3, No. 2 On-line Brochure
Ultrasonic Sensor for Centro-Matic 60-lb. Reservoir
We’ve added high-tech monitoring of lubricant level to the toughest reservoir in the business. Tells you when the lubricant level is low by triggering an alarm or other indicator on your equipment. Standard LEDs making visual reference and refilling easier.Solutions Vol. 2, No.1 On-line Brochure
Hydraulic Pump and Reel
You can have real flexibility and the capacity to lubricate construction and mining equipment in a self-contained system that works off the hydraulic power you already have on board. Works great when installed on excavators, and other mobile equipment as well as lubrication service trucks.Solutions Vol. 2, No. 1 On-line Brochure
FlowMaster Rotary Hydraulic Pump
FlowMaster, the first fully hydraulic pump with a rotary motor from Lincoln. This powerful pump unit supplies lubrication systems with an efficient flow of lubrication, even in cold weather. Designed primarily for mining and construction applications, the new unit also provides a cost-effective pumping system for many industrial applications. Shown here with an optional 60 lb. reservoir.Solutions Vol. 2, No. 1 On-line Brochure

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